Your Guide to Security Envelopes: Why They’re Important

You’ve probably seen security envelopes before, but are you familiar with how important they are for securing personal data? If you’ve ever seen envelopes with an inside crosshatched design made of black or blue ink, you’re probably already familiar with security envelopes. Any official letter you receive will usually arrive in a windowed envelope. They… Read More »

Unlocking Success: The Power of Amazon Advertising Services

In the vast digital landscape of e-commerce, where every click counts and every impression matters, Amazon stands tall as the behemoth of online retail. With a great many items competing for focus, it takes something other than posting your things to make progress on this stage. This is where Amazon Advertising Services come int play,… Read More »

Asia’s Thriving Live Streaming Market Set to Revolutionize Entertainment

STORY OUTLINE Indonesia’s live streaming market is booming, prioritizing user experience with localized features and compliance with local regulations for content moderation and copyright protection. Live streaming platforms in the Philippines cater to regional preferences, offering localized content and supporting social causes through charity streams and fundraising. Despite low internet penetration, the Philippines’ large population… Read More »

Asia’s Media Entertainment Market’s Bright Future by 2027: Ken Research

The Asia media and entertainment market is on the brink of an exciting and promising future. With its diverse and rapidly growing industry, the region has become a powerhouse in the global entertainment landscape. STORY OUTLINE Asian cinemas drive the media and entertainment industry, embracing technology and providing ample job opportunities. Asia’s online gaming industry thrives due to… Read More »

Asia’s Showbiz Spectacle: The Booming Media and Entertainment Market: Ken Research

The Asia media and entertainment market is a dynamic and diverse industry encompassing digital streaming, gaming, film, music, and more, driven by technological advancements and growing consumer demand. STORY OUTLINE Digital Content Dominance: Subscription-based streaming grows, original content invests, and regional curation expands, reshaping Asia’s entertainment market. Thriving Market Opportunities: Dynamic and expanding industry invites businesses to embrace… Read More »

Property Classified to make money via 3 primary means: accessibility of information, efficient transactions, & simplified management & control. Is Technology Inclusion also the Right Tool? Ken Research

The overall revenue contribution via online classifieds & listings in 2021 amounted to $ 61 Mn, says a report by Ken Research 1. Three forms of technologies: Blockchain, AR and AI in Malaysia are being adopted by startups, global corporations and the government.       Recent Trends in Malaysia Property Classifieds Market Inclusion of advanced technologies… Read More »

3 Tailwinds That Will Make Philippines Property Classified Market to Generate Over USD 80 Mn by 2026. Will the Philippines Be Able to Achieve That Mark?

The Philippines property market is forecasted to grow at an annual average of 31.4% by 2026, as per the findings by Ken Research 1. Of the Total 109.5 Mn Population in the Philippines, more than 80 Mn are Internet Users, the Second Largest in Southeast Asia. Interested to Know More about this Report, Request a… Read More »

Philippines is one of the leading markets for Property Classified in South-East Asia region contributing around $20 Mn Revenue in 2021. Will the growth sustain?

Philippines Property Classified Market is expected to reach around $ 80 Mn markets by 2026, owing to the Accelerated pace to digitization, as per the findings by Ken Research 1. Philippines has the most Single Housing Unit types of Households that account for almost 90% of total Housing units. Demographic Dividend in Philippines: Click to… Read More »