What does it mean for UK’s Real Estate Services Market to be Impacted by Interest Rates and Investor Sentiments?: Ken Research

Story Outline UK commercial real estate has seen a sharp correction in prices over the last nine months. Capital values began to fall last summer and are now 21% below their peak in June 2022. That is the sharpest correction since the period immediately following Lehman Brothers failure in 2008. The UK real estate market… Read More »

USD 450 Bn Valuation in 2022: Is UK’s Real Estate Services Market Undergoing a Revolution?: Ken Research

Story Outline With housing demand on the rise and a scarcity of properties, the competitive UK market witnesses soaring house prices, particularly in London, where average prices double the national average. UK companies embrace innovative technologies like IoT devices and automation to optimize property performance, meeting the demands of tech-savvy millennials and staying relevant in… Read More »