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It is fact that job seeker or an employer always look for potential employees, Ken Research offers the perfect solution for such requirement. We assist both job seekers and employers to accessing or using analyzed information from our portal and get in touch with all shortlisted candidate. We have been successfully achieved status of being one of… Read More »

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We provide recruitment services that can be tailored with a unique experience. We have workforce trained and the most efficient technology and resources to find the best match. We have roots for fundamentals of HR Management, catering the necessities to all our clients. We recruit across diverse verticals for multinational groups as well as leading business houses.… Read More »

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We Support All Oversees Requirement The global companies are eyeing at hiring talent pool from India, knowing the versatility and professional competence of the Indian talent which has been demonstrated and proven in recent years. The Indian talent is known for the domain knowledge, multitasking capabilities, ability to adapt & experience of working in complex… Read More »

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Ken Research is one of the global aggregators and publishers of Market intelligence, equity, and economy reports. We provide business intelligence, operational advisory over more than 300 verticals underlining disruptive technologies, emerging business models, and talent crossover services. We provide placement, manpower consultancy to numerous organizations for all the key industries, multinational companies Lmited / Private Limited Companies, Firms, etc. We provide a wide portfolio… Read More »

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Recruitments Services Designed after Analyzing Client’s Vision & Objective Ken Research is a global aggregator & publisher of Market intelligence, economy reports and equity reports. We offer business intelligence and operational advisory over more than 300 verticals underlining disruptive technologies, emerging business models with precedent analysis. We have been providing well-organized and mountable workforce solutions… Read More »

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The Changing Dynamics of Economy History and Civilization has quoted scriptures and religious books carrying far sighted visions of Globalization and Revolution. But who would have ever thought of a Catastrophe that could redefine Global Normalcy that had taken eons to materialize since the evolution of Mankind. Covid19 has undoubtedly marked itself as the greatest… Read More »

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It is believed that Changes and Uncertainties are the sole constants in the phase of Economic Maturity. These two powerful factors are the tipping points in any kind of Destruction and Revolution. They are powerful because they offer Scope and Cues to ignite ideas for reinvention, re-strategy, and reconsideration of existing mechanisms to successfully tide… Read More »

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Campus Recruitments have become an Integral part of Hiring Exercise for Organizations globally to acquire Fresh Talent at Entry Level. Companies religiously devote considerable time in planning and executing the elaborate Process of Campus Recruitments so much so that there is a dedicated Campus Team in place for most of the Fortune 500 Global Organizations.… Read More »

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For decades together, Recruitment and Hiring have been synonymous with the word “Talent” for obvious reasons as it denotes Skillset, Aptitude, Knowledge, Knack, Proficiency, and all things efficiently Sundry possessed by the Candidate who gets christened to the Title of an Employee upon joining an organization. It is an undeniable fact that Talent is the… Read More »