How the Indian Government is securing the future of the Agricultural Cold Storage Market in India?: Ken Research

The agriculture sector in India has had consistent growth in production levels over time. This production level hasn’t been matched appropriately in terms of food storage, which highlights the Indian Agricultural Cold Storage Industry’s existing whitespace. Despite being an agricultural nation, India experiences significant food losses per year that range from INR 90,000 to INR… Read More »

Growing food processing industry, shift in cropping patterns to horticulture, and Proactive Govt. Policies and Financing Support will propel the growth of the Indian Agricultural Cold Storage Market: Ken Research

1. Cold storage capacity has increased year on year, however, there is a lack of modern storage facilities that hold back the industry’s extreme growth. The cold storage sector in India is driven by the increase in international trade because of liberalization in trade. Also, with the push by the government via various incentive-led schemes… Read More »

India Agricultural Cold Storage Market Revenue and Outlook 2025: Ken Research

Market Overview Cold storage refers to the preservation of food or other items in a refrigerator or other cold area. Food preserved in freezers lasts for a longer time. Additionally, storing or shipping temperature-sensitive goods plays a crucial role in supply chain management. The possibility of temperature-sensitive products being wasted is significantly reduced by cold… Read More »

India Agricultural Cold Storage Industry: Ken Research

India – An Agrarian Economy India has high proportion of agricultural land (157 Mn hectares), diverse agro climate with 20 agro-climatic zones encompassing all 15 major climates of world, possess XX soil types in world, receives XX mm of rainfall, leading producer of milk, sugar, spices and second largest producer of fruits, vegetables, wheat, pulses;… Read More »

India Agricultural Cold Storage Market 2022 Industry Outlook, Present Scenario of Manufacturers, Share, Size, Opportunities and Forecast to 2026: Ken Research

The production levels in the Indian agricultural sector have been growing steadily over the years. This production level has not been met correspondingly in terms of storage for food, which outlines an existing whitespace in the Indian Agricultural Cold Storage Industry. Despite being an agrarian state, India suffers from huge food losses annually ranging from… Read More »

Decoding the landscape of Agricultural Cold Storage Industry in India: Ken Research

“Fueled by increasing agricultural production levels and support from Government, Indian Agricultural Cold Storage Industry promises a bright scope in the long term”. Being an agrarian state, agriculture is a widely spoken subject in India. Around 58% of population is dependent on agriculture for its livelihood and agriculture contributes ~18-20% to annual GDP of the… Read More »

India Agricultural Cold Storage Industry Outlook 2025: Ken Research

The publication titled ‘Agricultural Cold Storage Industry of India’ depicts the snapshot of agriculture in India with core focus on identifying problems at the post-harvest management processes which costs around INR XX Billion (in economic value losses) per annum. Analysts have mapped out the landscape of cold storage industry, skewness in capacity concentration at certain… Read More »

What is the Potential of India Cold Chain Market?

The cold chain industry revenue increased from INR ~ billion in 2012 to INR ~ billion in 2017 at a CAGR of ~%. The total cold storage capacity is estimated at ~ million MT with ~ cold storages and ~ reefer trucks operating in the space. The cold chain potential remain untapped due to certain… Read More »