India Cold Chain Market is driven by Growth in Multi-Purpose Cold Storage and 3PL Temperature Controlled Distribution: Ken Research

Launch of National Centre for Cold Chain Development, subsidy scheme for setting up a cold storage, increase in horticulture produce were the key factors driving growth in India Cold Chain Market. The cold chain industry in India remains underserved and presents huge potential in terms of expansion. Market revenue has shown positive growth during 2012-2017… Read More »

India Cold Chain Market Outlook to 2022: Ken Research

The report titled “India Cold Chain Market Outlook to 2022 – by Cold Storage & Cold Transport, 3PL, End User Industry (Agro food, Fruits & Vegetables, Fruit pulp & Concentrates, Dairy Products, Ice Cream, Meat, Sea Food, Confectionery, Poultry, Ready to Cook, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Products)” provides information on market size for India cold chain, cold… Read More »