Measuring NPS Is Critical For A Company As It Indicate How Customers Feel About Your Performance And Brand: Ken Research

Net promoter score (NPS) measures the entire consumer loyalty towards the brand. By eliminating the number of detractors from the promoter you will get the NPS score, which indicated how customers feel about your performance and brand. In addition, NPS is thought of as the gold standard metric that measures the customer satisfaction. The NPS… Read More »

Managing People, Productivity and Profit by Employee Survey: Ken Research

To become successful, it is a must for any business to develop products or services that meet the needs of their customers, besides developing the most successful product, Employees are the most important investment/resource that any business makes with respect to Land, Labour, Capital & Organization Model of Business. A business will only be successful… Read More »

Speedily Connect To Us to Know Why Getting Customer Satisfaction Survey Is Vital For a Company: Ken Research

Questionnaires are efficient marketing tools. Feedback obtained directly from your customers is always a useful market benefit to have. An efficient survey develops your sales, product or customers retention level. You can more conveniently deliver a better consumer witness once you know more about your consumer’s requirements. A customer satisfaction survey is a study that… Read More »