Global Cat Food Market Set to Surge, Eyeing USD 45 Bn by 2028: Ken Research

Story Outline The surge in pet insurance purchases reflects the growing dedication to providing high-quality products and transparent information about the ingredients used in cat feeds. The United States faces a concerning epidemic of feline obesity, with 60% of cats struggling with overweight or obesity issues. This excess body fat has severe consequences on cat… Read More »

Global Dog Food Market Set to Surge, Eyeing USD 70 Bn by 2027: Ken Research

Story Outline Growing Demand for Premium and Specialized Products: Pet owners are increasingly seeking high-quality, tailored dog food options that address specific dietary needs and breed requirements, driven by a focus on pet health and nutrition. Rise of Online Sales Channels: Online platforms have witnessed a surge in popularity, providing a convenient and accessible way… Read More »

3 Key Insights on Competitive Landscape in Global Pet Food Market: Ken Research

Few Diverse Global Players Dominate the Market Holding ~45% of Revenue Share Despite the Presence of about ~200 competitors comprising a Large Number of Country-Niche Players and Regional Players, finds a recent market study on Global Pet Food Market by Ken Research Pet foods are specialized foods produced from plant-based or animal-based food ingredients and… Read More »