India Corporate Training Market Growth Is Fostered By Introduction Of New Digital Technologies: Ken Research

Corporate training is a method to advance the skill sets involving the work performance, productivity, efficiency, and several others of an employee. There are dissimilar training methods offered for the advancement of corporate employees, which involve virtual and face-to-face training method. It assists employees to improve their skill sets such as communications, negotiation skills, leadership… Read More »

India Corporate Training Market is Expected to Cross INR 6,600 Crores by FY’2025: Ken Research

orporate Training Budgets at major Indian companies such as Godrej, ITC and Bajaj Finserv has been increasing by approximately 10%-15% and the same trend is expected in the future. The Hospitality Sector has witnessed higher levels of employee attrition in India and a proper training module can eliminate this bottleneck. Advent content creation mechanism that… Read More »

Growth in India Corporate Training Market driven by increased spending by Corporate and Government Initiatives: Ken Research

“Companies in India have moved over generic trainings and have developed increased interest towards trainings aligned to their business needs”. Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “India Corporate Training Market Outlook to FY’2025 – Driven by introduction of Experimental Training, Adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Government Initiatives for Up-Skilling” believe that the Corporate… Read More »

India Corporate Training Industry Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

The report titled “India Corporate Training Market Outlook to 2025 driven by Introduction of Experimental Training, Greater Use of Artificial Intelligence and Increase in Government Initiatives to Boost Training” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Corporate Training Market in India. The report also includes Market Size, Segmentation by Sectors and Courses in Each Sector, Trends,… Read More »