US Enterprise Resource Planning Market Expected to reach $25 billion by 2028

The pandemic scenario has significantly impacted the expansion of ERP market & further growth has been expected in the healthcare sector & businesses offering healthcare-related goods & services. In the current landscape of modern businesses, the transformative influence of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions has come to the forefront. These success stories highlight how organizations… Read More »

US Sensors and Actuators Market expected to grow with CAGR of ~8% by 2028

What is a sensor and what is actuator? Sensors generally work together actuators to automate and streamline industrial processes. This market is growing with a constant hike due to various trends and driving factors. STORY OUTLINE According to Ken research, the US Sensors and actuators market at a CAGR of ~8% during the forecast period… Read More »

European Blockchain in the BFSI Soars: Pioneering Growth Amid the Digital Revolution: Ken Research

Europe Blockchain in the BFSI market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 65% in the forecasted period of 2022-2028. The market is making significant growth owing to factors like growing demand for comprehensive security procedures, higher compatibility with the financial services sector ecosystem, and faster and less expensive cross-border payment systems. Story Outline… Read More »

US Digital forensics Market expected to grow with CAGR of ~12% by 2028

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science focusing on identifying, acquiring, processing, analyzing, and reporting data stored electronically. Digital forensics involves collecting electronic evidence from various sources, such as computers, smartphones, remote storage, unmanned aerial systems, and shipborne equipment. Electronic evidence is a component of almost all criminal activities, and digital forensics support is… Read More »

UAE’s IT Service Market Soars: Projected CAGR of 8.5% by 2027 Ignites Tech Landscape

Anticipated to exhibit a CAGR of ~8.5% between 2022 and 2027, the IT sector in the UAE is poised for substantial expansion. This growth is attributed to the widespread integration of technology across diverse domains including government, banking, and education. STORY OUTLINE Innovative Thrust and 6G Leap: UAE’s Etisalat leads 6G implementation, ushering in elevated… Read More »

Increase in cybercrime results in India Digital Forensic Market to rise, with an expected CAGR of ~16% by 2028

With the rise in digital threats and cybercrimes, India Digital Forensic Market makes successive changes like integration of Artificial Intelligence, and marking its overall growth. STORY OUTLINE Using techniques like Data Recovery, Log Analysis and more, India Digital Forensic Market enhances its Computer Forensics. Upgrades towards Network and Mobile Forensics are improving in cyber threats… Read More »

Unveiling the Thriving Landscape of UAE’s IT Service Market

The IT services sector encompasses a diverse range of offerings, including but not limited to Cloud services, Cloud Applications, Datacenters, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Consulting Services, Connectivity Solutions, Security services, and other related services. STORY OUTLINE Digital Transformation Drive: UAE’s IT market thrives on visionary government initiatives like “Smart Dubai” and “UAE Vision 2021,” spurring sectoral… Read More »

US Location Analysis Market expected to reach $7 bn till 2027: Ken Research

United States is one of the largest markets of location analysis across the world which uses it across various domains like healthcare, marketing, security, urban planning etc. to provide the best services to their consumers. Location analysis is an essential part of business decision making & providing innovative & value-based solutions have significant potential for… Read More »

Shutterstock dominating the US Still Images Market; making its stronghold permanent: Ken Research

Shutterstock is an American still images provider with extensive collection, probable licensing and having large community of contributors, making a growth of ~13% p.a. STORY OUTLINE Shutterstock pushes the boundaries owing to its extensive collection and user- friendly platform. Having its own licensing, Shutterstock holds its integrity in the US Still Images Market. With new… Read More »