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Supply Chain Blues & Soaring Logistics Costs: Can Indonesia Logistics Market thrive against the odds? : Ken Research

The Indonesian freight and logistics market, like many others, faced formidable challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. While the pandemic’s impact recedes, the industry now confronts persistent pain points hindering its growth. Weak transportation infrastructure, supply chain dysfunctionalities, and high logistics costs stand as major barriers in the path of progress. As the lockdown measures are lifted, the question arises: can Indonesia’s logistics market navigate through these obstacles and pave the way for a flourishing future? If yes, how? Let’s find out!

1. The Indonesian freight and logistics market was severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis but since the lockdown has been lifted, the industry is positioning itself for recoveryIndonesia Logistics Market Request a Call with Expert to know more about the business model

2. However, Weak Transportation Infrastructure, Supply Chain dysfunctionalities, and High Logistics costs among others are the major barriers to the growth of the Logistics Market in Indonesia

Indonesia Logistics Market3. But the good part is, the government of Indonesia is aiming to establish it as a Logistics Hub by developing SEZs, Logistics Corridor Development Strategy, and National Transport Master Plan

Indonesia Logistics Market4. As a result, the logistics sector in the country is under transformation particularly due to rising e-commerce sales, improving trade relations between the ASEAN countries, & government spending

Indonesia Logistics Market5. Presently, the logistics industry is in its growth stage and is projected to expand in the future owing to increasing government investment to improve the nation’s infrastructure and… 

Indonesia Logistics Market5.1. …surge in e-commerce especially post-pandemic which is creating a demand for the delivery of products, directly propelling the growth of logistic services in Indonesia

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