Dubai Fitness Service Market, Market Share: Ken Research

Revolutionizing Fitness: UAE Embraces Niche Programs to Transform Lives and Ignite Performance: Ken Research

Personalized Solutions and Tailored Training Redefine Fitness Industry in the UAE


  • Veteran golfer defies age with golf-specific program.
  • Niche fitness programs thrive, targeting specific groups.
  • Bespoke coaching addresses unique challenges, empowering women.
  • As per Ken Research estimates, demand surges for specialized workouts & companies to target niche client only.

For many individuals in the UAE, traditional fitness routines are no longer something they want to keep up with & they’d rather seek personalized approaches that cater to their unique needs and goals. This has given rise to a flourishing market of niche fitness programs designed to target specific groups and sports. Ranging from golf-specific training to bespoke coaching for conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), fitness professionals are transforming lives by providing tailored services.

1.Golf-Specific Programs

Dubai Fitness Service Market

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M.S., a veteran golfer, believed his golfing days had come to an end as age took a toll on his body. However, a golf-specific program led by Richard Dunsby at Optimal Fitness as confirmed by him, ‘came to rescue’. Within six weeks, M.S. experienced a pain-free body and a revitalized swing. Richard’s success story showcases the power niche fitness programs are holding nowadays in Dubai.

Independent or goal-specific facilities are thus contributing to a larger market share owing to their independent outlook on activities as compared to chained outlets who share the same ideology all around their operating area.

2.Targeting Specific Groups

Dubai Fitness Service Market

Fitness professionals in the UAE are increasingly recognizing the demand for tailored made workouts designed for specific groups. One such example is Georgie Ricks, founder of ‘Its a PCOS Party,’ a bespoke coaching program for women battling polycystic ovarian syndrome. By providing detailed and personalized regimes, Georgie addresses the unique challenges faced by these women in their day to day activities. This niche approach empowers them, fostering a sense of understanding, trust, and progress toward their fitness goals.

3.Surging Demand

Dubai Fitness Service Market

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The response to niche fitness programs in the UAE fitness market has been overwhelming. Georgie Ricks, since launching her PCOS coaching program, has witnessed unprecedented interest. What initially started with a few clients rapidly escalated to a waitlist due to the immense demand. This surge in interest indicates the vast number of individuals seeking specialized fitness solutions to address their specific needs.

4.What’s next?

Dubai Fitness Service Market

As per our estimates at Ken Research, as the fitness industry in the UAE continues to evolve, niche fitness programs are transforming the lives of individuals seeking personalized approaches. These programs cater to specific groups, address unique challenges, and deliver tailored solutions. The success stories and increasing demand highlight the significance of niche fitness in empowering individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals. With specialized programs and products gaining popularity, the UAE’s fitness landscape is embracing a more personalized and inclusive future.

Company founders are tapping the need for personalized workouts, majorly because they have recognized the client specific problems. This has led to them catering to that particular niche only which is something that’ll go on for years to come.

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