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How Has The US Real Estate Services Market Been Revolutionized, Considering Its Staggering Valuation Of USD 4 Tn In 2022? : Ken Research

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America leads in outsourced facility management with a digital transformation sweeping the industry. Adoption of new technology and strategic products cater to millennials, while housing affordability remains a challenge. Facility management sees growth in America with investments in integrated services and new technology adoption. Market players opt for outsourcing and strategic partnerships, enhancing efficiency and competitiveness. US real estate faces a housing affordability crisis amid limited supply and high prices. Technology-driven solutions improve efficiency, but challenges persist as industry seeks sustainable solutions.

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1. Role of Technology and Outsourced Facility Management in Driving the US Real Estate Market

Outsourced facility management in US real estate services market, 2022

US Real Estate Property MarketNorthern USA dominates the outsourced facility management market, and there is a global shift towards digital transformation in integrated facility management services, building maintenance, and repair services. The adoption of new technology in facility management has become crucial in real estate services, leading to reduced operating costs and increased efficiency. With the growing reliance on technology, people are seeking instant access to maintenance and workplace services. Facility management service providers are keen on investing in building construction and integrated services to meet the market demands. Additionally, market players are opting for outsourcing facility management services to gain a competitive edge and form strategic partnerships. The US real estate market, consisting of numerous residential and commercial buildings, is also witnessing the adoption of new technologies to enhance service quality and drive market growth during the forecast period.

2. How is Technology Advancement Transforming the US Property Management Industry?

US Real Estate Property Market

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US companies are embracing innovative technologies to enhance their services and optimize property performance. Property managers and owners are actively seeking technological advancements, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices like thermostats, CCTVs, and smart lockers, which have become widely adopted. Automation is increasingly becoming a crucial aspect of the property management industry. Millennials, in particular, demonstrate a high affinity for technology usage. A recent survey revealed that 42% of property managers are choosing to adopt new technologies to stay relevant in today’s competitive market. Various companies, such as Buildium, AppFolio, Rentalutions, and VTS, offer cutting-edge products that streamline and automate traditionally paper-heavy tasks, such as bill payments, rent collection, and maintenance tracking.

3. US Housing Affordability Crisis: Record High Prices and Limited Supply Challenge Homebuyers

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Despite indications of a weakening trend in home prices, the US is grappling with a housing affordability crisis due to limited housing supply and persistently high mortgage rates and sales prices.

According to the Federal Housing Finance Authority (FHFA) House Price Index, national home prices reached a new record high in April, with a 3.1% increase from the previous year. However, regional variations show different price trends, with East South Central and New England experiencing the highest 12-month gains, while the Pacific region faced the steepest price declines.

Though existing-home median sales prices have decreased from their peak in June 2022, prices have been slowly rising since February. Despite year-over-year declines being favorable for homebuyers, purchasing a home in the current market is challenging for those earning $75,000 or less. Homes in this price range accounted for only 23% of the existing home listings in April 2023, according to a and NAR Home Affordability & Supply Report.

The US real estate service market shows promising growth driven by low mortgage rates, population growth, and technology adoption. However, housing affordability remains a challenge due to limited supply and high prices. Regional variations are observed in price trends. Embracing technology and addressing affordability concerns are vital for the market’s future success.

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US Real Estate Services Market

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