Germany Property Management Market expected to grow with CAGR of ~4% by 2028: Ken Research

The industry includes the management of residential and commercial real estate and land for third parties. These activities also include the fiduciary management of buildings for the community of owners of condominiums located there. Cleaning services, maintenance and minor repairs, waste disposal, and the provision of guard and security services are not industry-related. STORY OUTLINE… Read More »

Exclusive Study: How Gurugram’s Home Buyers View the Market: ken Research

STORY OUTLINE Gurugram’s strategic location and connectivity make it attractive for homebuyers. Proximity to workplaces and essential services is crucial. Property preferences vary based on budget and lifestyle. Gurugram offers a diverse range, including apartments, villas, and houses. Green spaces and amenities are highly valued by homebuyers. Modern features like security, power backup, and recreational… Read More »

Shopping Showdown: Phoenix Market City vs. Orion Mall – Which Reigns Supreme? – Ken Research

Orion Mall and Phoenix Market City are both prominent shopping destinations in Bangalore, India. Each offers unique experiences and features that cater to diverse customer preferences. STORY OUTLINE Orion Mall and Phoenix Market City are two prominent shopping destinations in Bangalore, offering unique experiences to cater to diverse customer preferences. Orion Mall, established in 2012,… Read More »

Will Innovation and Demand Drive Unprecedented Growth in the US Real Estate Services Market? : Ken Research

National home prices reach record high amid signs of weakening market, with the Pacific division experiencing sharp price declines. Existing-home sales hampered by housing inventory shortage as sellers hold on to lower-rate mortgages, hindering market growth. 2. Opportunities remain in US real estate service market despite headwinds                … Read More »

What does it mean for UK’s Real Estate Services Market to be Impacted by Interest Rates and Investor Sentiments?: Ken Research

Story Outline UK commercial real estate has seen a sharp correction in prices over the last nine months. Capital values began to fall last summer and are now 21% below their peak in June 2022. That is the sharpest correction since the period immediately following Lehman Brothers failure in 2008. The UK real estate market… Read More »

How Has The US Real Estate Services Market Been Revolutionized, Considering Its Staggering Valuation Of USD 4 Tn In 2022? : Ken Research

Story Outline America leads in outsourced facility management with a digital transformation sweeping the industry. Adoption of new technology and strategic products cater to millennials, while housing affordability remains a challenge. Facility management sees growth in America with investments in integrated services and new technology adoption. Market players opt for outsourcing and strategic partnerships, enhancing… Read More »

USD 450 Bn Valuation in 2022: Is UK’s Real Estate Services Market Undergoing a Revolution?: Ken Research

Story Outline With housing demand on the rise and a scarcity of properties, the competitive UK market witnesses soaring house prices, particularly in London, where average prices double the national average. UK companies embrace innovative technologies like IoT devices and automation to optimize property performance, meeting the demands of tech-savvy millennials and staying relevant in… Read More »