Increasing Number of Working Women Boosting the Demand for Daycare Centers in Indonesia: Ken Research

Daycare centers provide services that can be opted for monthly basis, daily basis or hour based subscriptions for full day or half day programs charged against a nominal fee which varies on the basis of type of daycare and program selected.

The report titled “Indonesia Daycare Market by Type of Day Care (Child Care and Infant Care), by Duration (Half and Full Day) – Outlook to 2021” by Ken Research suggested a CAGR of 16.4% in revenue of total daycare centers in Indonesia for the projected period 2017-2021.

Indonesia Daycare market

Growing awareness among parents regarding the early childhood education of their children coupled with increasing working population of the country have driven the demand for daycare centers in Indonesia. Both organized and unorganized market provides daycare services which fulfill the demand for urban and rural areas of the country. Increasing number of women working for pay has made it harder for parents to raise their children. Improving women’s access to employment and removing workplace discriminations is driving the demand for daycare centers in Indonesia. Furthermore, it has also been witnessed that working mothers are increasingly opting for freelance consultant in the corporate world where they can manage work and their children both at the same time. Various hotels situated in Bali and others offer their own on-site childcare services for visitors on the premises. They not only arrange outside babysitting or nanny services through their concierge, but offer a variety of other special amenities and services that specifically cater to the needs of children. Subsidized day care basically refers to providing on site / near site company child care which is one of the Work Life Balance (WLB) policies that is provided by various organizations in Indonesia. Providing Child care facilities for employees is intended to help employees with children, so that they can manage their office work or adopt for flexible working options. Furthermore, drop-in, flexible care allows parents to get the quality they seek in their child care during the hours they need it.

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