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Calculating the Potential and Break-Even of Dental Insurance in India: Ken Research

By: Lakshay Aggarwal, Research Analyst II at Ken Research, India

What was the Business model and service offering of Ocare?

After considering the challenges for dentists/underwriters/patients, we established separate Annual Membership Plans for Dentists and Patients; associated with Health Insurance companies, ICICI Lombard and New India Assurance to underwrite the products. Our idea was to offer something to all the stakeholders to get them onboard.

What were the problems that Ocare faced back in 2016 and how did company deal with it?

Before venturing into segment, we primarily faced 3 problems; Lack of collection of data by dentists in the right manner, lack of financial inclusion and Fragmented Nature of Dentistry Practice. Every problem required different type of solution. For data collection purposes, we provided a hardware and software platform for dentists to record patient data and also estimated insurance premiums after discussing with vast network of standalone private dentists.

Dr Neeraj Sheth

How would you rate the success of Ocare during stint?

Ocare was able to get more than 5,000 dentists onboard for the annual subscription plan & sold more than 100,000 policies to customers. I would say, it was very successful because demand was there.

Do you think the challenges had reduced now compared to 2016?

The challenges have changed as compared to 2016-17. Learning from our partnership with Insurance companies, we filed for a license as a Standalone Health Insurance company in December 2017 and got the R1 approval for the same. But, we haven’t received R2 license owing to bureaucratic procedures. Introduction of startups and innovative processes have enabled to solve the data problem but more needs to be done.

What are key considerations for entering Dental Insurance space now?

Bureaucratic legal frameworks of India, sound financial capabilities, right penetration through network of experienced dentists are few important things to be considered.

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Feasibility of Dental Insurance in India
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Feasibility of Dental Insurance in India
Focusing specifically on dental infrastructure, analysts have identified the gaps between demand and supply leading to accessibility and affordability woes of population.

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